Tameable Looking but Untameable WoW Hunter Pets

When searching for new World of Warcraft Hunter Pets, you can often come across a pet in game that looks identical to one of our creatures in the Petopia Pet Gallery. While these pets may LOOK like they should be tameable, sadly they are not. This can be for a variety of reasons such as waiting for a future patch, too high a level, part of the game infrastructure, or even just plain old unknown. We decided to add these pets to our database in order to help you avoid these pets when looking to change your existing hunter pet. If these pets become available to hunters for taming at a later stage, due to an expansion or a patch, we will modify their status and remove them from this list. Until then, these pets are currently untameable even though they sport an existing skin common to an alternate wow hunter pet in the game.

Listing of Tameable looking but Untameable Pets

Untameable WoW Hunter Pets