All World of Warcraft Rare Spawn Pets

In World of Warcraft, making your hunter stand out in a crowd is often very difficult due to the very limited options available when it comes to individual character customization. This is the reason that so many hunters agonize over the decision of which pet to choose as their game long companion. If you browse through our petopia and still don't see a pet that is distinct enough for you, maybe you need a rare spawn hunter pet. In World of Warcraft, there are many available pets that are 'silver elite' spawns. This means that the pet only exists in Azeroth at certain times and in certain areas. To help you find these rare spawning silver elite pets, we've organized this list of known rare spawning pets. The list is ordered alphabetically by the pets name in game.

Listing of Rare Spawning WoW Pets

Rare Spawn Silver Pets