All World of Warcraft Quest Spawned Hunter Pets

Often, in World of Warcraft, the hardest pets to find are the ones that can only be gotten to in the process of completing a quest. At the same time, however, nothing is more satisfying than waiting around for someone doing a quest (of the opposite faction of course) only to jump in and steal the quest spawned pet before they can complete their task. While there are not many pets of this type, we've still compiled a list of the ones that are available so you can make a choice as to whether one of these pets is right for you. Some of the quest spawned pets offer the advantage of having a unique look to them not found in other pets within the game. To help you find these quest spawned pets, we've organized this list of known quest spawn pets. The list is ordered alphabetically by the pets name in game.

Listing of Quest Spawned WoW Pets

Quest Spawned Hunter Pets