WoW Hunter Pet: Dire Mottled Boar

In World of Warcraft the Dire Mottled Boar pet is a level 6 and 7 wow hunter companion. If you're searching for a Dire Mottled Boar to tame, they can be found in the game in Durotar. This hunter pet uses the World of Warcraft skin boarskinblue. Dire Mottled Boar has a HITPOINT modifier of +10%, an ARMOR modifier of +5% and a DPS modifier of 0% which are the attributes of all members of the Boar family of wow hunter pets. This model is shared with 8 other wow hunter pets.

Hunter Pet Profile: Dire Mottled Boar

Dire Mottled Boar

Pet Details

Trainable Abilities:
Bite, Charge, Cower, Dash, Gore, Growl, Trainer Skills
Bread, Cheese, Fish, Fruit, Fungus, Meat
Cataclysm Talent Tree:
Cataclysm Special Ability:
Gore - high damage attack
Visual Petopia Model:
External Links:
Allakhazam: Dire Mottled Boar

Spawn Information

Is this pet elite? NO
Is this pet a quest spawn? NO
Is this pet a rare spawn? NO
Is this pet tameable? YES

Pet Statistics

Level Info: 6, 7
Location: Durotar
Hitpoints (HP): +10%
Armor Rating: +5%
Damage Per Second (DPS): 0%

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