WoW Hunter Pet Model "Spider Grey"

The Spider Grey pet model is one of the more than 362+ different models of hunter pets in our petopia available in World of Warcraft. The official skin name for this model is tarantulaskingrey. Spider Grey is a member of the Spider family of wow hunter pets. This model is currently used by 10 pets available to hunters in levels 10, 12, 18, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28, 57, 67, 68. This model can be found on potential pets in the following zones: Teldrassil, Darnassus, Loch Modan, Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains, Arathi Highlands, Silithus, The Black Morass.

Pets Using the "Spider Grey" Hunter Pet Model

Spider Grey

Available Hunter Pets Using This Model

Lady Sathrah - Teldrassil
Pet Level: 10
Spirit of Sathrah - Darnassus
Pet Level: 12
[Not Tameable]
Shanda the Spinner - Loch Modan
Pet Level: 18 - rare
Wildthorn Stalker - Ashenvale
Pet Level: 19, 20
Deepmoss Creeper - Stonetalon Mountains
Pet Level: 26, 27
Plains Creeper - Arathi Highlands
Pet Level: 26, 27
Giant Plains Creeper - Arathi Highlands
Pet Level: 27, 28
Gretheer - Silithus
Pet Level: 57 - rare
Blackfang Tarantula - The Black Morass
Pet Level: 67, 68
Blackfang Tarantula Specimen - The Black Morass
Pet Level: 67, 68
[Not Tameable]