All World of Warcraft Pets Listed by Teachable Skill

While leveling your World of Warcraft Hunter Pet, it's absolutely crucial that you take the time to pick up new pets in order to learn their specific skills. One of the biggest headaches for a wow hunter is knowing which wow pets have the learnable skills that you want to get in order to augment your companions abilities. We've compiled this list of all hunter pets in world of warcraft that can be tamed to learn the corresponding skills. Hopefully this makes your job of finding the right hunter pet that much easier! Each pet is grouped by each of the skills it can teach you and ordered alphabetically within each group of names.

Listing of WoW Hunter Pets Organized by Teachable Skill

Bite 9 Skill
Furious Howl 4 Skill
bite 1 Skill
bite 2 Skill
bite 3 Skill
bite 4 Skill
bite 5 Skill
bite 6 Skill
bite 7 Skill
bite 8 Skill
bite 9 Skill
c Skill
charge 1 Skill
charge 3 Skill
charge 6 Skill
claw 1 Skill
claw 2 Skill
claw 3 Skill
claw 4 Skill
claw 5 Skill
claw 6 Skill
claw 7 Skill
claw 8 Skill
claw 9 Skill
cower 1 Skill
cower 2 Skill
cower 3 Skill
cower 4 Skill
cower 5 Skill
cower 6 Skill
cower 7 Skill
dash 1 Skill
dash 2 Skill
dash 3 Skill
dive 1 Skill
dive 2 Skill
dive 3 Skill
fire breath 1 Skill
fire breath 2 Skill
furious howl 1 Skill
furious howl 2 Skill
furious howl 3 Skill
furious howl 4 Skill
gore 1 Skill
gore 2 Skill
gore 3 Skill
gore 4 Skill
gore 8 Skill
lightning breath 1 Skill
lightning breath 2 Skill
lightning breath 3 Skill
lightning breath 4 Skill
lightning breath 5 Skill
lightning breath 6 Skill
natural armor 10 Skill
poison spit 1 Skill
poison spit 2 Skill
poison spit 3 Skill
prowl 1 Skill
prowl 2 Skill
prowl 3 Skill
scorpid poison 1 Skill
scorpid poison 2 Skill
scorpid poison 3 Skill
scorpid poison 4 Skill
scorpid poison 5 Skill
screech 1 Skill
screech 2 Skill
screech 3 Skill
screech 4 Skill
screech 5 Skill
shell shield 1 Skill
thunderstomp 2 Skill
thunderstomp 3 Skill
warp Skill