WoW Hunter Pets: Wind Serpent Hunter Pet Family

Pound for pound, the Wind Serpent might be one of the most devastating PVP WoW Hunter pets available in the entire game. Wind Serpents are aggressive and use their whip-like tails, thunder breath, and needle fangs to attack their foes for quick damage. They can be found in a wide variety of colors and can be chosen to match the desired look of your WoW hunter. Wind Serpents in Azeroth and Wind Serpents in Outland have different distinct looks making each an exciting option as a wow pet.
StatsHitpoints (HP)Armor (AR)Damage (DPS)
AbilitiesBite, Cower, Dive, Growl, Lightning Breath, Trainer Skills
DietBread, Cheese, Fish

Choose from the Following Wind Serpent Family Pet Models

Wind Serpent White-Black
Wind Serpent Light-Blue
Wind Serpent Yellow
Wind Serpent White
Wind Serpent Red-Yellow
Wind Serpent Red-Black
Wind Serpent Red
Wind Serpent Purple
Wind Serpent Green
Wind Serpent Blue

Cataclysm Hunter Pet Expansion Details

Unique Skill for Wind Serpent Hunter Pets
Ability: Lightning Breath
Breathes lightning, increasing magic damage taken by 8% for 45 seconds
Focus Cost: 0 Focus
Cast Time: 0 Seconds
Usage Range: 40 yard
Reuse Cooldown: 30 Seconds
This ability already exists in World of Warcraft but may be adjusted for the World of Warcraft Cataclysm Expansion