WoW Hunter Pets: Warpstalkers Hunter Pet Family

Warpstalkers are long lizard like hunter pets that can be found in many areas of Outland such as Terrokar Forest and Netherstorm. Characterized by their ability to instantly warp from one location to another, Warpstalkers make an excellent pet for quickly reaching a target. Warpstalkers were added as part of the Burning Crusade expansion pack.
StatsHitpoints (HP)Armor (AR)Damage (DPS)
AbilitiesBite, Claw, Cower, Growl, Warp, Trainer Skills
DietFish, Fruit, Raw Fish

Choose from the Following Warpstalkers Family Pet Models

Warp Stalker Skin Red
Warpstalker Skin Blue
Warp Stalker Skin Turquoise
Warp Stalker Black
Warp Stalker White
Warp Stalker Green

Cataclysm Hunter Pet Expansion Details

Unique Skill for Warpstalkers Hunter Pets
Ability: Time Warp
Slows time around the enemy, reducing their movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds.
Focus Cost: 0 Focus
Cast Time: 0 Seconds
Usage Range: 25 yard
Reuse Cooldown: 15 Seconds
This ability already exists in World of Warcraft but may be adjusted for the World of Warcraft Cataclysm Expansion