WoW Hunter Pets: Turtle Hunter Pet Family

Similar in appearance but much greater in size than tortoises in real life, World of Warcraft pet turtles come in many different colors and varieties and can often be found near shallow water or nearby on the shore. Characterized by their shell shield ability, turtles make excellent pets for WoW hunters requiring tanking due to their very high armor rating and low DPS.
StatsHitpoints (HP)Armor (AR)Damage (DPS)
AbilitiesBite, Cower, Growl, Shell Shield, Trainer Skills
DietFish, Fruit, Fungus

Choose from the Following Turtle Family Pet Models

Ancient Sea Turtle
Ancient Sea Turtle Fire
Tortoise White
Tortoise Red
Tortoise Grey
Tortoise Blue
Tortoise Green

Cataclysm Hunter Pet Expansion Details

Unique Skill for Turtle Hunter Pets
Ability: Shell Shield
With this ability, a member of the tortoise family will partially withdraw into their shell, reducing the overall damage absorbed by the pet by 50% over a 12 second period.
Focus Cost: 0 Focus
Cast Time: 0 Seconds
Usage Range: Defensive
Reuse Cooldown: 60 Seconds
This ability already exists in World of Warcraft but may be adjusted for the World of Warcraft Cataclysm Expansion